Public Policy Papers at Tauranga (2018)

Public Policy papers analyse and evaluate how international, national, regional and local institutions of the state formulate and implement policies. They discuss theories of organisation, decision-making and administration, public management, and how public officials work and interact with both the public and the political executive. Papers examine policies in the context of political values and culture, economic constraints, political party agendas, and seek to explain how and why particular policies are adopted by governments.

Public Policy is available as a minor within any undergraduate degree, subject to academic approval of the Faculty or School of Studies in which the student is enrolled.

To complete Public Policy as a minor, students must gain 60 points in Public Policy, including at least 30 points above 100 level. Students must include POLCY105, POLCY212, and POLCY318.

Note: Students who commenced a major in Public Policy in 2016 or prior and are undertaking their third year in 2018 will do so using existing 20 point papers. Students are encouraged to contact the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences for programme advice.

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