Environment and Society Papers at Tauranga (2023)

The Environment and Society Masters programme is designed for graduates of undergraduate qualifications in social sciences, humanities, law, economics, education, management or environmental sciences. Students build on their qualifying degrees to gain advanced knowledge of environmental challenges, emergent inequalities, as well as global and local responses to environmental change. Conceptually, students learn to distinguish between different environmental perspectives and their application to concrete case studies. Students in the Master of Environment and Society complete a selection of core papers and engage in meaningful, independent research. The structure of the degree allows students to include relevant papers from other disciplines, such as environmental science, law and management, and provides an ideal way to encourage close interconnections between theory and practice across a broad range of issues and topics relevant to environment and society.

A Postgraduate Certificate (PGCert(EnvSoc)) and Postgraduate Diploma in Environment and Society (PGDip(EnvSoc)) are also available.

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  • 500 Level

    Code Paper Title Points Occurrence / Location
    PSYCH555Environmental Psychology15.023B (Hamilton) & 23B (Tauranga)
    Provides students with theoretical and practical knowledge in Environmental Psychology, the study of the transaction between humans and their natural and built environments.

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