Entrepreneurship and Innovation Papers at Tauranga (2018)

Small and medium sized enterprises have a major impact on growth, as they generate the wealth and jobs that sustain economies. Entrepreneurship and Innovation will teach you to identify unique qualities of successful entrepreneurial business strategies and to implement those strategies in the creation of new business. A qualification in Entrepreneurship and Innovation will give you the skills to take on an entrepreneurial role, look at niche opportunities and extract value from untapped areas. It will also provide business skills that cover planning and development, getting the product to the market and keeping it there.

Note: There will be no new enrolments in the Entrepreneurship major, Graduate Certificate, or Graduate Diploma in 2018. Students enrolled in 2017 or previously should consult the Waikato Management School for programme advice.

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  • 300 level

    Code Paper Title Occurrence / Location
    ACCT322Law of Business Enterprises18B (Hamilton) & 18B (Tauranga)
    A study of the law relevant to the establishment, activities and control of business enterprises. Also, an examination of current legal issues that impact on decision making within business organisations.
    HRMG342Human Resource Management18A (Hamilton), 18A (Tauranga), 18B (Hamilton) & 18B (Tauranga)
    This paper studies the management of organisations' most valuable asset, their people. It uses latest research to examine how employees are acquired, managed, accommodated, trained and developed to improve individual and organisational performance, within ever changing economic and social contexts. Together we will explore the huma...
    STMG324Entrepreneurship and Innovation18B (Hamilton) & 18B (Tauranga)
    This paper will provide students with an appropriate level of practical and theoretical tools required to develop and operate an entrepreneurial business.
    STMG391Strategic Management18A (Hamilton), 18A (Tauranga) & 18B (Hamilton)
    A study of decision making and policy formulation in a business environment.
  • 400 level

    Code Paper Title Occurrence / Location
    FINA403Entrepreneurial Finance18B (Hamilton), 18B (Tauranga) & 18T (Online)
    This paper focuses on the role of smaller businesses in the economy, the financial management of these enterprises and government policy relating to the SME (small-medium enterprise) sector. Various models of businesses, theories, knowledge, and financial tools needed to start an entrepreneurial venture are explored.
    STMG424Entrepreneurship and Innovation18B (Hamilton) & 18B (Tauranga)
    This paper will blend the academic tools required to develop and operate an entrepreneurial business, with the practical approach to make such a business financially successful and personally rewarding.
    TOMG405Entrepreneurship in Tourism and HospitalityThis paper will not be taught in 2018.
    This paper will not be taught in 2018.

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