Ecology and Biodiversity Papers at Tauranga (2018)

Ecology and Biodiversity is available as a major for the BSc and BSc(Tech). Ecology and Biodiversity may also be taken as a second major or as a minor within other undergraduate degrees, subject to academic approval of the Faculty or School of Studies in which the student is enrolled.

To complete a major in Ecology and Biodiversity, students must take BIOEB101 and BIOEB102 and it is recommended that students complete additional 100 level papers to embed their understanding of the major within a broader scientific context. Recommended papers include BIOMO101, one of CHEMY100, CHEMY101 or CHEMY102, one of EARTH101 or EARTH102, and one paper with a substantive numeracy component. At 200 level students must take BIOEB 201, BIOEB202, BIOEB 203, and BIOEB204. At 300 level students must take three of BIOEB301, BIOEB302, BIOEB303, BIOEB304, BIOEB305, BIOEB306 and BIOEB307.

To complete a minor in Ecology and Biodiversity, students must take BIOEB102 and 45 points above 100 level taken from the papers listed below, including at least 15 points at 200 level and 15 points at 300 level.

Prospective MSc candidates should discuss their 300 level papers with the Subject Convenor in order to ensure that a suitable number and combination of papers are taken.

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  • 200 Level

    Code Paper Title Occurrence / Location
    BIOEB203Animal Structure and Function18A (Hamilton) & 18A (Tauranga)
    This paper is an integrated theoretical and experimental study of the principles of animal structure and function. Comparative aspects will be emphasised in how animals adapt to their environment. Topics covered include homeostasis, the function of major organ systems, ecophysiology, musculoskeletal design and locomotion. An introd...

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