Applied Computing Papers at Tauranga (2018)

Applied Computing is available as a major for the BSc. Applied Computing may also be included as a second major or minor in other undergraduate degrees, subject to the approval of the Faculty in which the student is enrolled.

To complete Applied Computing as a single major for the BSc, students must gain 135 points from papers listed for Applied Computing, including 105 points above 100 level and 45 points above 200 level. Students must complete: COMPX101, COMPX161, COMPX221, COMPX222, COMPX223, DSIGN241, COMPX322, and COMPX324.

Note: Students who commenced a major in Applied Computing in 2017 or prior are encouraged to contact the Faculty of Computing and Mathematical Sciences for programme advice.

Note on Assessment: To be eligible to pass these papers, students should normally achieve a minimum grade of D in the internal assessment and the final examination, and an overall grade of C.

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  • Level 1

    Code Paper Title Occurrence / Location
    STATS111Statistics for Science18A (Hamilton), 18A (Tauranga), 18B (Hamilton), 18B (Online) & 18B (Tauranga)
    This paper provides a first course in statistics for students in the Faculty of Science and Engineering. Microsoft Excel is used throughout. Topics include the collection and presentation of data, basic principles of experimental design, hypothesis testing, regression and the analysis of categorical data.
  • 200 level

    Code Paper Title Occurrence / Location
    COMPX251Information Discovery18A (Hamilton), 18A (Tauranga), 18B (Hamilton) & 18S (Hamilton)
    This paper enables students to widen their experience of computer software using an intensive laboratory programme. Students select from a variety of themes, including video editing, website design, digital library development, computer game construction, animation and 3D modelling.
  • 300 level

    Code Paper Title Occurrence / Location
    COMP315Information Systems Development18B (Hamilton) & 18B (Tauranga)
    Students address a real world problem by performing systems planning, analysis, design and implementation. Working in groups, they submit reports, conduct reviews, develop prototypes, and make formal presentations at appropriate milestones.
    COMP321Practical Data Mining18B (Hamilton) & 18B (Tauranga)
    This paper is a practical introduction to data mining. It covers important aspects of the data mining process such as feature selection, model building, parameter tuning and final evaluation.
    COMP325Human-Computer Interaction18B (Hamilton) & 18B (Tauranga)
    An introduction to the theory and practice of human-computer interaction, including the interface development process in the system life-cycle, software tools and architectures to support modern interface and software usability.
    COMP329Database Systems18A (Hamilton) & 18A (Tauranga)
    This paper will focus on practical aspects of designing, creating and maintaining a database system.
    COMP333Web Applications Development18A (Hamilton) & 18A (Tauranga)
    A paper on the design, development and programming of web document applications.

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