Teaching (2018)

The University offers teaching qualifications in early childhood, primary and secondary education, with a Maori Medium option for early childhood and primary programmes. The BTchg (Early Childhood) programme is a professional teaching qualification that prepares students for work in a variety of early childhood settings with children from birth to five or six years. The BTchg (Primary) programme is a professional degree designed for students wanting to pursue a teaching career in New Zealand primary, middle, composite and intermediate schools. A BTchg (Primary) conjoint degree is also offered. The BTchg (Secondary) conjoint degree is designed for people wanting to pursue a teaching career in New Zealand secondary schools. The conjoint degree programmes are interwoven so one supports and enhances the other and include a Bachelor of Teaching majoring in Professional Education and a subject degree with a major and supporting subject that support the New Zealand curriculum. Qualified early childhood and primary teachers can upgrade their Diploma of Teaching (DipT) to a BTchg. Professional qualifications are also offered for technology teachers who wish to upgrade their qualifications or for experienced tradespeople who want a career change from tradesperson to teacher.

The full regulations and requirements for the BTchg are set out in the Faculty of Education Teacher Education Handbook.

A Graduate Diploma in Teaching (GradDipT) is available in all sectors (early childhood, primary and secondary) for students who have completed a bachelors degree and who wish to gain a professional teaching qualification. A Master of Teaching and Learning (MTchgLn) is also available to prepare high achieving graduates for primary and secondary teaching. Initial enquiries for the BTchg, GradDipT, and MTchgLn programmes should be made to the Centre for Teacher Education, Faculty of Education. A Bachelor of Teaching with Honours is available for students or teachers who have completed the BTchg or equivalent. Initial enquiries about BTch(Hons) should be made to the Postgraduate Studies Office, Faculty of Education.

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