Strategic Management (2017)

Strategic Management is concerned with maximising an organisation's competitive advantage. The Strategic Management approach is to take a top management view of the organisation which is deemed crucial in creating futures for the firm.

Strategic Management is available as a major for the BECom and BMS. Strategic Management may also be taken as a second major or as a supporting subject within other undergraduate degrees, subject to academic approval of the Faculty or School of Studies in which the student is enrolled. Within the BMS Strategic Management major, a specialisation in International Management is available. The requirements for the BECom and BMS majors and specialisation are prescribed in the Waikato Management School Student Handbook and some papers listed may be for specific qualifications only.

To complete a second major in Strategic Management for degrees other than the BECom or BMS, students must gain 120 points above 100 level in Strategic Management, including STMG391, and at least 60 further points above 200 level.

At least 80 points in STMG coded papers must be included in a Strategic Management major.

Note: Undergraduate candidates must gain at least 60 points at 100 level in any subject(s) before enrolling in papers at 200 level, and at least 180 points, including 60 points at 200 level, in any subject(s) before enrolling in papers at 300 level.

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