Spanish (2018)

The Spanish programme consists of papers in grammar, conversation, composition, Spanish literature and Latin American literature. All literature and language papers beyond SPAN131 are generally taught in Spanish.

Spanish is available as a pathway within the International Languages and Cultures major or supporting subject for the BA. Details of the requirements for the Spanish language pathway can be found under International Languages and Cultures. Spanish is available as a supporting subject within other undergraduate degrees, subject to academic approval of the Faculty or School of Studies in which the student is enrolled. Within the BA, BBA(Fin), BCS, BECom, BMS, BSocSc and BTour a Spanish Language specialisation is available, and within the BSc and BSc(Tech) a specialisation in Science International in Spanish is also available. Details of the specialisation requirements can be obtained from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Faculty of Science and Engineering or the Waikato Management School.

The point of entry into the Spanish programme depends on previous experience. Those with no previous experience of Spanish take SPAN131 and SPAN132, followed by SPAN231 in the second year. Students with some experience of Spanish (Year 11 or equivalent) will begin with SPAN132. Students with 14 credits at Level 3 in NCEA Spanish, or equivalent, will gain direct entry into SPAN231.

Note: Normally, candidates must gain at least 60 points at 100 level in any subject(s) before enrolling in Spanish papers above 100 level, and at least 90 points at 100 and 200 level before enrolling in Spanish papers above 200 level. Students interested in studying Spanish for their major can do so through International Languages and Cultures. Students who commenced a major in Spanish in 2010 or prior should contact the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Office for advice.

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