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The Master of Professional Writing offers a research-led and strongly practice-based qualification in professional and creative writing. Students have the opportunity to include a writing internship and all MPW students will be offered an on-campus professional writing mentor, who will provide professional advice and direct students towards on-campus writing opportunities. Candidates for the Creative Writing Thesis are selected on the basis of assessment of a portfolio of work; students accepted for the Creative Writing Thesis complete a book-length manuscript of publishable standard.

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  • Prescriptions for the PGCert(ProfWrit), PGDip(ProfWrit) and MPW

    To be eligible to be considered for enrolment in the MPW, a student must have completed either:

    a) a bachelors degree (or equivalent) with at least a B grade average across the 300 level papers, or

    b) a bachelors degree with Honours (or equivalent) with at least second class honours (second division).

    Students must complete 180 points from approved 500 level papers, including WRITE546 and at least 45 points from the papers listed for the subject in List A: Advanced Study of the regulations for the MPW.

    Students who are ineligible to continue with the Degree may be eligible to graduate with a Postgraduate Diploma or Postgraduate Certificate.

  • 500 Level

    Code Paper Title Points Occurrence / Location
    ALPSS500Academic & Professional Research & Writing30.024A (Online), 24B (Online) & 24C (Online)
    In this course, students will gain the skills and confidence to seamlessly transition from study to work. This course works to enhance the 'skills for the future' identified by the World Economic Forum (2020), in order to produce resilient, creative students with strong analytic and critical thinking skills.
    ALPSS590Directed Study30.024X (Hamilton)
    This paper allows students from the Division of Arts, Law, Psychology and Social Sciences to undertake research on a specific topic related to their major under the guidance of academic staff.
    ALPSS591Research Project30.024X (Hamilton) & 24X (Tauranga)
    A research report on the findings of a theoretical or empirical or practice-led investigation (up to 12,500 words maximum).
    ALPSS592Dissertation60.024X (Hamilton) & 24X (Tauranga)
    A research report on the findings of a theoretical or empirical or practice-led investigation (up to 25,000 words maximum).
    APPLN501Research Methods in Applied Linguistics30.024B (Hamilton)
    The overall aim of this paper is to provide students with a critical awareness of a range of issues and skills associated with carrying out research in the area of applied linguistics.
    CWRIT594Creative Writing Thesis120.024X (Hamilton)
    This paper will provide students the opportunity to devise, carry out and revise an independent and original creative writing manuscript, while receiving supervision and peer feedback within a creative workshop environment. Students are selected by portfolio assessment: application portfolios due by the first Friday in June.
    LCOMM583Leadership, Communication and Transformation30.024A (Hamilton)
    Our focus in this paper will be on leadership communication, or the ways leaders and followers interact and the ways leaders attempt to create and shape meanings through images and words. We will also explore a range of ideas about what it means to lead and the assumptions, beliefs, and values embedded and shaped in diverse leaders...
    LLTED522Teaching Writers30.0No occurrences
    This paper provides an opportunity for participants to build a professional community in which they critically consider theories, discourses, and experiences that influence writers and teachers of writing. This class layers conceptual and practical elements of writing and teaching writers, and participants are expected to develop deep understandings of their evolving practices and beliefs in light of current developments in the field.
    LLTED523The Joy and Disruption of Children's Literature30.024B (Online)
    In this paper we engage with the depth and traditions of current scholarship in the field of children's literature using texts from a wide range of contexts. The course begins by covering a wide scope of current issues in children's literature and ends with an opportunity for students to gain deep knowledge of a topic of their choi...
    MEDIA501Critical and Creative Approaches to Research30.024A (Hamilton) & 24B (Hamilton)
    This paper identifies the constraints and freedoms of research methods, and places a strong emphasis on research as an intellectual, theoretical, and processual activity as well as the roles of interdisciplinary projects in creating unique methodological and conceptual media research.
    MEDIA507Theory and Research in Action30.024A (Hamilton) & 24B (Hamilton)
    In this supervised paper, students will produce a pilot study utilising appropriate research frameworks and methodologies to form the basis of a topic which will support the completion of a robust dissertation.
    MEDIA508Creative Practice Research30.024A (Hamilton) & 24B (Hamilton)
    Are you a creative practitioner that wants to experiment with practice related research? This supervised paper offers a site for experimentation and development of a practical project to be contextualised within appropriate creative practice research frameworks. This may include, but not limited to, a short film, documentary, anima...
    WRITE503Professional Writing Internship30.024X (Hamilton)
    This paper allows students to gain professional writing experience in the workplace, under the guidance of an academic supervisor and the specialist supervision of a workplace mentor.
    WRITE546Creative Writing: Writing and Embodiment30.024A (Hamilton)
    A writing-intensive paper focused on the ways in which 'embodiment' is key in generating vital characters, shaping dramatic narratives, and crafting resonant sentences aware of the sensory impact of language.
    WRITE593Professional Writing Thesis90.024X (Hamilton)
    This paper will provide students the opportunity to devise, carry out and revise an independent thesis focussed on a specialised field of writing studies, under appropriate supervision and guidance.
  • 900 Level

    Code Paper Title Points Occurrence / Location
    CWRIT900Creative Writing PhD Thesis120.024I (Hamilton), 24J (Hamilton), 24K (Hamilton) & 24X (Hamilton)
    No description available.

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