Security and Crime Science (2018)

Crime Science uses evidence-based information together with scientific approaches and methods to reduce crime and threats to security. Security and Crime Science is a multidisciplinary subject and draws upon such subjects as Computer Science, Geographic Information Systems, Political Studies, Population Studies, Psychology, and Statistics.

  • Prescriptions for the PGDip(SCS) and MSCS
    The compulsory papers for the Master of Security and Crime Science degree are ISCS501, ISCS502, POLS505, SCIE501 or other approved research methods paper, STAT501, and the 60 point dissertation ISCS592.

    To complete a PGDip(SCS), students will need to complete 120 points at 500 level consisting of the papers prescribed for the 180 point Master of Security and Crime Science with the exception of the 60 point dissertation.

    Students enrolled in a 180 point Master of Security and Crime Science will take the compulsory papers and another 45 points of papers from those prescribed in the Security and Crime Science entry in the University of Waikato Catalogue of Papers.

    Students enrolled in a 120 point Master of Security and Crime Science who have already passed an approved research methods may be given a waiver from this compulsory requirement of the degree.

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