Directed Study - ENVP390 (2018)

ENVP390 - 18A (HAM), 18B (HAM) & 18S (HAM)

20.0 Points

The paper involves independent but guided research on a planning topic of the student's choice.

Prerequisite(s): ENVP206. Admission is at the discretion of the Programme Convenor and will depend on the availability of suitable supervision.

Internal assessment/examination ratio: 1:0

Timetabled Lectures

The Timetable for 2018 is not available.

Indicative Fees

Fees for 2018 are not yet available.

Paper Outlines

The following 2017 paper outlines are available for ENVP390. Please contact the Faculty or School office for details on 2018 outlines.

Available Subjects:  Environmental Planning

Other available years: Directed Study - ENVP390 (2017)

Paper details current as of : 20 September 2017 4:40pm
Indicative fees current as of : 21 September 2017 4:30am

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