English as a Second Language (2019)

These papers are very useful for improving the skills required for university study by students whose first language is not English. Students who would like to develop their confidence in the skills of speaking, writing, reading and listening in English are encouraged to choose an ENSLA paper as one of their elective papers. All papers are supported by the University's online learning system.

Note: There will be no new enrolments in the English as a Second Language supporting subject in 2018. Students who commenced a supporting subject in English as a Second Language in 2017 or prior should consult the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences for programme advice.

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  • 100 Level

    Code Paper Title Occurrence / Location
    ENSLA100English for Professions19C (Zhejiang University City College, Hangzhou China)
    The paper is designed to provide practical experience in the application of English language skills and to replicate the skills the students will need as they transition to the workplace within their chosen profession.
    ENSLA103Undergraduate Research Writing for ESL Students19A (Hamilton) & 19B (Hamilton)
    This paper covers research, approaches to and techniques for different writing genres, analysis of English text and discourse, and an understanding of issues in academic integrity .
  • 200 Level

    Code Paper Title Occurrence / Location
    ENSLA201Academic Aural Strategies19A (Hamilton)
    In this paper, students will explore practical perspectives on listening skills needed for lectures and tutorials at the university level. Essential note taking skills will also be covered to aid students in their ability to get the best out of university lectures and tutorials.
    ENSLA202Academic Oral Strategies19B (Hamilton)
    This paper provides students with skills needed to understand and question academic texts. It covers skills in reading and text inquiry and techniques in voicing opinions and questioning views.

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