Electronics (2018)

Electronics is the science and technology concerned with the controlled flow of electrons and other carriers of electric charge. It covers theory, design, and construction of electronic devices, circuits, instruments, or systems.

Electronics is available as a major for the BSc degree.

To complete a major in Electronics, students must gain 135 points in Electronics papers, including ENGEN111, PHYSC101; and 60 points at 200 level including ENGEE231, ENGEE232, ENGEE233, and a further 15 points from one of COMPX203, ENGEE211, and ENGEN280; and a minimum of 45 points of Electronics papers at 300 level.

Further information regarding papers, staff and research details is contained in brochures available from the School of Engineering office or website.

Note: Students enrolled in 2017 or previously should consult the Faculty of Science and Engineering for programme advice. A specified programme in Electronic Engineering is also available for the BE(Hons).

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