Educational Leadership (2018)

These programmes are designed for aspiring educational leaders and those already in leadership positions in all education sectors.

Initial enquiries should be made to the Centre for Postgraduate Studies, Faculty of Education.

  • Prescriptions for the PGCert(SchPrinc)
    The Postgraduate Certificate in School Principalship is available for students who have completed a bachelors degree, or equivalent, and who have at least three years' full-time equivalent teaching experience.

    To complete the Postgraduate Certificate, students must complete 60 points at 500 level as follows.

  • Prescriptions for the PGCert(EdLeadership), PGDip(EdLeadership) and MEdLeadership
    To complete the Postgraduate Certificate in Educational Leadership, students must take 60 points from PROF500, PROF502, PROF 504, PROF505, PROF507, PROF508, or PROF509. Within the Postgraduate Certificate a specialisation is available in Coaching and Mentoring, which requires PROF507 and PROF509.

    To complete the Postgraduate Diploma in Educational Leadership, students must take 120 points at 500 level, including PROF500 and PROF502, and a further 60 points from the following list. Within the Postgraduate Diploma a specialisation is available in Coaching and Mentoring. Students must take 120 points including PROF500, PROF502, PROF507 and PROF509.

    To complete an MEdLeadership, students must take 180 points at 500 level from the following list, including PROF500, PROF502, and either DSOE557 or PCSS502 and one of a Directed Study equivalent to 30 points, or a Dissertation equivalent to 60 points, or a Thesis equivalent to 90 points.

    Candidates who hold a BTchg(Hons) or a PGDip(EdLeadership) must take a further 120 points, including any required papers, to complete the Master of Educational Leadership.

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