Development Studies (2019)

Development Studies as an interdisciplinary discipline brings together students from a range of disciplines and experiences to debate, assess, and engage in the discourse of development at a global, national, and local level. Development Studies combines a sound theoretical base with praxis which bodes well for students serious about a rapidly changing world and the impact this has on all facets of development.

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  • Prescriptions for the PGCert(DevSt), PGDip(DevSt)

    To complete a PGCert(DevSt), students must take 60 points at 500 level in the subject.

    To complete a PGDip(DevSt), students must take 120 points at 500 level in the subject.

  • Prescriptions for the MMPD

    Students are normally required to include a 60 point dissertation and 60 further points from 500 level papers approved by the Department.

  • Prescriptions for the PhD

    The Doctor of Philosophy is a three year research-based degree in which students undertake a programme of approved and supervised research that leads to a thesis which critically investigates an approved topic of substance and significance, demonstrates expertise in the methods of research and scholarship, displays intellectual independence and makes a substantial original contribution to the subject area concerned, and is of publishable quality.

  • 500 Level

    Code Paper Title Occurrence / Location
    ANTHY525Māori Heritage Management19T (Hamilton)
    This paper is concerned with interpreting and protecting the Maori cultural landscape, especially in relation to current legislation, the Treaty of Waitangi settlement process, and issues of iwi/hapu development.
    DEVST502Sustainable Resource Issues19A (Online)
    This paper examines contemporary issues facing natural resource management among indigenous peoples with a particular focus on the experiences of Maori and Pacific peoples.
    DEVST590Directed Study19C (Hamilton)
    Students have the opportunity to pursue a topic of their own interest under the guidance of academic staff.
    DEVST591Dissertation19C (Hamilton)
    A report on the findings of a theoretical or empirical investigation.
    DEVST592Dissertation19C (Hamilton)
    A report on the findings of a theoretical or empirical investigation.
    DEVST593Development Studies Thesis19C (Hamilton)
    An externally examined piece of written work that reports on the findings of supervised research.
    DEVST594Development Studies Thesis19C (Hamilton)
    An externally examined piece of written work that reports on the findings of supervised research.
    GEOGY500People, Place, Power19A (Online)
    This paper is a forum for debate in geographies of people and power. Key concerns are the intersections between gender, Maori, Indigeneity, ethnicity, sexuality, disability, nationality and other social divisions in relation to geographies of justice.
    MAORI514Rangatiratanga: Leadership for Māori, Pacific and Indigenous Communities: Traditional, Contemporary & Future Issues19B (Online)
    This paper will explore current leadership issues and the diverse communities in which leadership operates including political, educational, social and economic contexts and the challenge of maintaining cultural integrity and perpetuating inter-generational knowledge.
    MAORI518Māori, Indigeneity and Criminal Justice19A (Hamilton) & 19A (Online)
    This paper provides a critical analysis of Maori and Indigenous-based practices and criminal justice systems, including the State's constitutional obligations to its Indigenous citizens, and Maori and Indigenous alternative juridical approaches.
    MAORI571Decolonising Theory and Indigenous Studies19B (Online)
    A seminar programme on indigenous consciousness, knowledge, values and ethics and their applications to contemporary issues such as research ethics, environmental values and cultural practices.
  • 900 Level

    Code Paper Title Occurrence / Location
    DEVST900Development Studies PhD Thesis19C (Hamilton)
    No description available.

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