Statistics for Science - STATS111 (2019)

This paper provides a first course in statistics for students in the Faculty of Science and Engineering. Microsoft Excel is used throughout. Topics include the collection and presentation of data, basic principles of experimental design, hypothesis testing, regression and the analysis of categorical data.

Paper Information

Points: 15.0
Prerequisite(s): Admission to the BSc; or MATH168, or MATHS168; or 18 credits at Level 2 in NCEA Mathematics; or 14 credits at Level 3 in Statistics, Calculus or Mathematics.
Internal assessment / examination: 50:50
Restriction(s): STAT111, STAT121, STAT160 and STATS121

Note: BSc students with a weak mathematics background are advised to take MATHS168 before enrolling in this paper. The 19A (TGA) paper is available to approved Toi Ohomai students only.

STATS111-19A (TGA) has been cancelled. Please contact the School or Faculty Office for more information.

Semesters and Locations

Occurrence Code When taught Where taught
19A (TGA)A Semester : 25 Feb 2019 - 23 Jun 2019 Tauranga
19B (HAM)B Semester : 8 Jul 2019 - 3 Nov 2019 Hamilton
19B (TGA)B Semester : 8 Jul 2019 - 3 Nov 2019 Tauranga
19C (TGA)C Semester : 25 Feb 2019 - 30 Jun 2019 Tauranga

Timetabled Lectures for Statistics for Science (STATS111)

STATS111-19B (HAM)
Tue10:00 AM11:00 AML.G.02Jul 8 - Oct 13
Thu11:00 AM1:00 PMS.1.04Jul 8 - Oct 13
Fri10:00 AM11:00 AML.G.03Jul 8 - Oct 13
STATS111-19B (TGA)
Mon3:00 PM5:00 PMTCBD.2.12Jul 8 - Oct 13
Tue11:00 AM12:00 PMTCBD.G.03Jul 8 - Oct 13
Thu4:00 PM5:00 PMTCBD.2.12Jul 8 - Oct 13

NB:There may be other timetabled events for this paper such as tutorials or workshops.
Visit the online timetable for STATS111 for more details

Indicative Fees for Statistics for Science (STATS111)

Occurrence Domestic International
 Tuition Resource 
19B (HAM) $765 $0 $3053
19B (TGA) $765 $0 $3053
19C (TGA) $765 $0 $3053
You will be sent an enrolment agreement which will confirm your fees.
Tuition fees shown below are indicative only and may change. There are additional fees and charges related to enrolment - please see the Table of Fees and Charges for more information.

Paper Outlines for Statistics for Science (STATS111)

The following paper outlines are available for Statistics for Science (STATS111).
If your paper occurrence is not listed contact the Faculty or School office.

Additional Information

Available Subjects:  Applied Computing | Data Analytics | Geographic Information Systems | Human Performance Science | Science | Statistics

Other available years: Statistics for Science - STATS111 (2018)

Paper details current as of : 11 July 2019 9:13am
Indicative fees current as of : 5 February 2019 5:10pm

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