Business Analytics (2024)

Business analytics is concerned with extracting, managing, and presenting data in a way that value is maximised and decision making is optimised. It involves taking all forms of data, using contemporary business and visualisation tools to produce better decision outcomes and business success.

Business Analytics is available as a minor.

To complete the minor in Business Analytics, students must complete 60 points including 30 points above 100 level. At least 30 points must be selected from BUSAN coded papers.

Students must select from: CSMAX101, DIGIB101, BUSAN205, MRKTG205, BUSAN300, BUSAN301 and BUSAN302.

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  • Prescriptions for the GradCertBA

    The qualification regulations define the subject requirements for the Graduate Certificate.

    Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics students must complete 60 points from: BUSAN205, BUSAN300, BUSAN301 and BUSAN302.

  • 100 Level

    Code Paper Title Points Occurrence / Location
    CSMAX101The World of Data15.024A (Hamilton)
    This paper introduces students to tools used in analysing datasets, focusing on health science applications and publicly available data on New Zealand. Students will learn how to use these tools to generate the appropriate results and be able to critically evaluate results presented in the media as well as scientific articles. Stud...
    DIGIB101The World of Digital Business15.024B (Hamilton), 24B (Hamilton Waikato College), 24C (Hamilton Waikato College) & 24VB (National Economics University, Vietnam)
    Information and communications technologies are fundamentally changing business operations. This paper introduces all aspects associated with the ever-evolving field of digital business.
  • 200 Level

    Code Paper Title Points Occurrence / Location
    BUSAN201Practical Business Analytics15.024A (Hamilton)
    In this paper students gain hands-on, practical experience in using a range of business analytics software tools and techniques.
    BUSAN205Data Analytics with Business Applications15.024A (Hamilton), 24B (Hamilton), 24B (Tauranga), 24VA (National Economics University, Vietnam) & 24X (Zhejiang University City College, Hangzhou China)
    This paper introduces various data analytical methods and illustrates their business and economics applications, showing how to use data to communicate more convincingly and to produce better-informed business decisions.
    MRKTG205Marketing Analytics and Insights15.024A (Hamilton) & 24A (Tauranga)
    This paper will introduce students to the cleaning, management, manipulation, visualisation and analysis of primary and secondary marketing data. Students will learn to apply appropriate analytical techniques required for marketing careers, and to interpret results of analyses for applied decision-making purposes.
  • 300 Level

    Code Paper Title Points Occurrence / Location
    BUSAN300Management of Big Data15.024B (Hamilton)
    This paper addresses the key issues associated with the management of big data addressing the what, when, and how questions when faced with complex data sets unsuitable for traditional data processing applications.
    BUSAN301Contemporary Tools for Business Analytics15.024A (Hamilton)
    In this paper students gain hands-on experience in using a range of business analytics tools and techniques, with a particular focus on web-based software tools.
    BUSAN302Data-Informed Decision Making15.024B (Hamilton)
    This paper further develops students' data analytics mindset and builds competencies in quantitative analysis techniques. It focuses on data wrangling, explorations, visualisation and machine learning techniques. Students will utilise R to visualise data, detect trends and patterns, and make data-informed inferences and prediction...
  • 500 Level

    Code Paper Title Points Occurrence / Location
    BUSAN543Applied Business Analytics30.024B (Hamilton) & 24B (Online)
    This paper enables students to understand applied business analytics including data management and analytics tools, develop critical thinking skills, and apply these to various business contexts. By the end of this paper students will understand the role of analytics to solve real-world problems.

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