Biotechnology (2020)

Biotechnology is the application of science and engineering to develop useful products from biological materials. Biotechnology is a very broad area, ranging from cloning to large scale commercial production of antibiotics and foods such as cheese. This programme examines the extraction, recovery, and purification of biochemicals from the meat, dairy, and other industries. It explores technological applications at the industrial level aswell as the molecular level.

Note: There will be no new enrolments in the Biotechnology major from 2018. However, please note our Chemical and Biological Engineering programme as well as our Molecular and Cellular offerings. Students enrolled in 2017 or prior should consult the Division of Health, Engineering, Computing and Science for programme advice.

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  • 300 Level

    Code Paper Title Occurrence / Location
    BIOMO301Advanced Biochemistry20B (Hamilton)
    This paper builds on the principles of biochemistry introduced in BIOMO201 to examine molecular mechanisms underlying cellular communication and trafficking of proteins between organelles, cellular stress responses, cell death, and the degradation of biomolecules. Students will also examine the molecular basis of human diseases suc...
    BIOMO302Advanced Genetics20A (Hamilton)
    This paper will provide advanced knowledge on microbial and eukaryotic genomes, next generation sequencing, bioinformatics, gene editing, the regulation and expression of genes, human disease, and population genetics.
    BIOMO303Advanced Microbiology20B (Hamilton)
    The paper will provide knowledge of microbial functions and the role of the microbiome in human and ecosystem health.
    ENGCB322Chemical and Biological Operations20B (Hamilton)
    This paper covers the principle and application of enzymes, concepts of fermentation technology, principles of bioreactor operation, bioprocess variables and their measurement, key product separation techniques, and bioprocess economics.

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