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CLIMT101Introduction to Climate Change Science - Pūtaiao Huringa Āhuarangi23A (Hamilton), 23A (Online), 23A (Tauranga) & 23X (Secondary School - Unistart)15.0
An overview of the scientific basis of climate change with emphasis on understanding climate change mitigation and adaptation. He tirohanga whanui no tenei pepa i te tuapapa o te putaiao o te huringa ahuarangi. He nui te aro ki te whakamauru me te takatu o te huringa ahuarangi.
COMPX101Introduction to Programming23A (Hamilton), 23A (Online), 23B (Hamilton), 23B (Secondary School - Unistart) & 23X (Zhejiang University City College, Hangzhou China)15.0
This paper introduces computer programming in C# - the exciting challenge of creating software and designing artificial worlds within the computer. It also covers concepts such as the internals of the home computer, the history and future of computers, cyber security, computer gaming, databases, mobile computing and current research and challenges in computer science. No prior programming knowledge is assumed.
COMPX102Object-Oriented Programming23B (Hamilton), 23B (Secondary School - Unistart), 23B (Tauranga), 23H (Hamilton) & 23X (Zhejiang University City College, Hangzhou China)15.0
This paper builds on introductory programming experience, and assumes a knowledge of basic programming techniques, which it expands on particularly in the areas of data organisation and algorithms. It also provides an introduction to: object-oriented programming, computer architecture, Boolean algebra, assembly language, and program analysis.
COMPX223Database Practice and Experience23A (Hamilton), 23A (Secondary School - Unistart) & 23A (Tauranga)15.0
This paper approaches the subject of databases from a practical perspective - how do I create a database and how do I retrieve/update data. Both aspects are heavily addressed in this paper. Database creation and querying, using SQL, will be introduced in lectures as you will master practical skills associated with a commercial Database product (Microsoft SQL Server). The paper also introduces Microsoft's extension to SQL, Transact-SQL, which provides a user interface to SQL Server. This is to promote both understanding and practice of the different tools used to build, access and maintain a database within a Client/Server database computing environment.
DATAX121Introduction to Statistical Methods23A (Hamilton) & 23A (Secondary School - Unistart)15.0
An introduction to statistical data collection and analysis. Topics include general principles for statistical problem solving; some practical examples of statistical inference; and the study of relationships between variables using regression analysis.
DSIGN125Introduction to Communication Design Production23A (Hamilton), 23A (Online), 23A (Secondary School - Unistart) & 23X (Zhejiang University City College, Hangzhou China)15.0
This paper enables students to perform basic computing operations and to operate software packages for the manipulation of visual images and text for use in print and screen-based applications. Students will be introduced to basic computing concepts and provided with software tutorials and related exercises.
ECONS101Economics for Business and Management23A (Hamilton), 23A (Hamilton Waikato College), 23A (Secondary School - Unistart), 23A (Tauranga), 23B (Hamilton), 23VA (National Economics University, Vietnam) & 23X (Zhejiang University City College, Hangzhou China)15.0
This paper offers insights into the behaviour of consumers, firms and the government within the economy, giving students skills in analysing and predicting the actions of individuals and businesses.
ENGEN101Engineering Maths and Modelling 1A23A (Hamilton), 23A (Secondary School - Unistart), 23A (Tauranga) & 23B (Hamilton)15.0
A study of the fundamental techniques of algebra and calculus with engineering applications.
ENGEN102Engineering Maths and Modelling 1B23B (Hamilton), 23B (Secondary School - Unistart), 23B (Tauranga) & 23G (Hamilton)15.0
A further study of the fundamental techniques of algebra and calculus with engineering applications. Includes an introduction to relevant statistical methods.
LCOMM101Introduction to Leadership Communication23A (Hamilton), 23A (Tauranga), 23G (Online) & 23X (Secondary School - Unistart)15.0
By showing how to lead through improving communication, understanding who we are, and collaborating for problem-solving, this course provides a repertoire of skills relevant to personal, family, and organisational success.
MAORI211Te Reo Māori: Intermediate 123A (Hamilton), 23X (Hamilton) & 23X (Tauranga)15.0
This paper builds on the skills acquired in MAORI112, developing a complexity in language skills required in the communication of detailed travel directions, describing internal and external characteristics of a person and describing objects.
MAORI212Te Reo Māori: Intermediate 223B (Hamilton), 23X (Hamilton) & 23X (Tauranga)15.0
This paper builds on the skills acquired in MAORI211, developing further language skills required in Maori for communication about feelings, emotions, and describing the weather.
MATHS101Introduction to Calculus23B (Hamilton) & 23B (Secondary School - Unistart)15.0
A study of the fundamental techniques of calculus, including differentiation and integration for functions of one real variable, with applications to rate problems, graph sketching, areas and volumes.
MATHS102Introduction to Algebra23A (Hamilton) & 23A (Secondary School - Unistart)15.0
A study of the fundamental techniques and applications of algebra including Gaussian elimination, vector and matrix algebra, complex numbers, induction and recursion.
MATHS135Discrete Structures23B (Hamilton), 23B (Secondary School - Unistart) & 23B (Tauranga)15.0
An introduction to a number of the structures of discrete mathematics with wide applicability in areas such as: computer logic, analysis of algorithms, telecommunications, networks and public key cryptography. In addition it introduces a number of fundamental concepts which are useful in Statistics, Computer Science and further studies in Mathematics. Topics covered are: sets, binary relations, directed and undirected graphs; propositional and some predicate logic; permutations, combinations, and elementary probability theory; modular arithmetic.
PACIS100Introduction to Pacific Histories, Languages and Cultures23A (Hamilton) & 23A (Secondary School - Unistart)15.0
This paper introduces students to foundational elements of Pacific Studies, including various histories, languages and cultures and their importance to contemporary societies, surveying a number of Pacific Nations.

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