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EXED501High Performance Teams18DM (HAM), 18E (HAM), 18H (TGA) & 18K (HOP)10.0
EXED502Practice of Strategy18DM (HAM), 18E (HAM), 18H (TGA) & 18K (HOP)7.5
EXED503Managerial Economics and the Global Business Environment18DM (HAM), 18E (HAM), 18H (TGA) & 18K (HOP)15.0
EXED504Organisational Behaviour18DM (HAM), 18E (HAM), 18H (TGA) & 18K (HOP)15.0
EXED505Strategic Human Resource Practice18DT (HAM), 18E (HAM), 18H (TGA) & 18K (HOP)10.0
EXED506Commercial and Employment Law18DT (HAM), 18E (HAM), 18H (TGA) & 18K (HOP)10.0
EXED507Logistics and Operations Management18DT (HAM), 18E (HAM), 18H (TGA) & 18K (HOP)10.0
EXED508Marketing Practice18DM (HAM), 18E (HAM), 18H (TGA) & 18K (HOP)10.0
EXED509Financial and Managerial Accounting18DT (HAM), 18E (HAM), 18H (TGA) & 18K (HOP)15.0
EXED510Financial Markets and Investment Decision Making18DT (HAM), 18E (HAM), 18H (TGA) & 18K (HOP)10.0
EXED518Strategic Value Creation18E (HAM) & 18K (HOP)20.0

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