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Code Title Occurrences Points
EDART100Engaging with Arts Education in the Community19A (Block) & 19A (Block - Tauranga)15.0
This paper aims to develop students' strength in learning and teaching selected arts disciplines in school and community settings.
EDLED503Developing Educational Leadership: Coaching and Mentoring19A (Block) & 19B (Block - Tauranga)30.0
This paper critically examines theories and models of continuing leadership development through mentoring and coaching. It focuses on the importance of critical reflection on practice, the change process through adult learning theory, and the leadership capacity building that is so important in educational settings. Participants will study the interpersonal skills and knowledge necessary for developing leaders and leadership. They will examine their practice in a coaching and mentoring context and articulate developing understandings. The conceptual, theoretical and practical understanding of coaching and mentoring introduced in this paper is advanced in EDLED506 Educational Leadership: Advanced Coaching and Mentoring.
EDLED506Educational Leadership: Advanced Coaching and Mentoring19A (Block - Tauranga) & 19B (Block)30.0
This paper advances the conceptual, theoretical and practical understanding of coaching and mentoring introduced in EDLED503. It expands the interpersonal skills and knowledge essential for effective coaching/mentoring in educational contexts and continues the emphasis on critical reflection on practice. Participants will be in an active coaching/mentoring role for the duration of the paper and develop an evidence-based personal practice portfolio. The paper will be of interest to practitioners who are currently coaching or mentoring colleagues; for example, tutor and associate teachers, middle and senior leaders in schools and tertiary institutions, and professionals in wider education contexts.
EDUCA500Culturally Responsive Methodologies incorporating kaupapa Maori and critical theories19B (Block - Tauranga)30.0
Culturally Responsive Methodologies utilise kaupapa Maori and critical theoretical frameworks to develop contexts within which the researched community can define the terms for engaging, relating and co-creating new knowledge.
HMDEV503Educational and Life Transitions: Changing Roles and Changing Contexts19B (Block - Tauranga)30.0
The life of an individual involves many transitions to new roles and new contexts. These include numerous educational transitions, from infants and young children entering early childhood services, through school transitions, to adults starting tertiary or work contexts. Each transition may offer both opportunities and challenges. In recent years "successful transitions" have gained national and international attention and have featured in many strategic plans and government policies. This paper considers the complexity of transition experiences through a critical exploration of individual, social and contextual issues associated with educational and life transitions.
HPSCI203Nutrition for Health and Exercise19A (Hamilton) & 19T (Block - Tauranga)15.0
This paper will include an overview of nutrition in the context of sport and health related settings, with focus on understanding the roles of macro and micro-nutrients, energy balance, measurement of resting, exercising energy expenditure, chronic lifestyle related disease and influences on current diet practices.
MAOED523Maori Educational Policies: Their Development and Some Strategic Responses19C (Block - Tauranga)30.0
This paper examines the historical and contemporary politics and practices that have contributed to the current education disparities that affect Maori people in particular, but also the wider fabric of New Zealand society. The paper then considers historical and contemporary policies developed to address these disparities and a number of programme responses that have ensued.
MTHED502Mathematics Education: Enhancing Thinking and Practice19A (Block) & 19A (Block - Tauranga)30.0
This paper looks at how students' thinking becomes increasingly sophisticated as their mathematical understanding grows. A particular focus of the paper is the ways that learning in mathematics can be enhanced, including using formative assessment and digital technologies effectively.
SOCWK302Bicultural and Multicultural Social Work Practice19C (Block - Tauranga)15.0
The paper critically examines the practice of bicultural and multicultural social work in Aotearoa New Zealand. It also explores the notions of cultural competency and culturally apprpriate services in social work practice.
SOCWK306Social Work Professional Skills19C (Block - Tauranga)15.0
This paper enables students to critically examine, review and develop a range of professional skills required for social work. With a focus on encouraging students to evidence how they apply knowledge and skills into social work practice.
SOCWK402Bicultural and Multicultural Social Work Practice19C (Block - Tauranga)15.0
This paper critically examines the bicultural and multicultural context and dimensions of social work practice in Aotearoa New Zealand. It also explores the theories and notions of cultural competency and culturally appropriate services in social work practice.

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