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EDART100Principles and Practices of Arts Education18A (Block), 18A (Block - Tauranga) & 18B (Block - Tauranga)15.0
This paper aims to develop students’ strength in learning and teaching selected arts disciplines in school and community settings.
EDUCA500Culturally Responsive Methodologies incorporating kaupapa Maori and critical theories18B (Block - Tauranga)30.0
Cullturally Responsive Methodologies utilise kaupapa Maori and critical theoretical frameworks to develop contexts within which the researched community can define the terms for engaging, relating and co-creating new knowledge.
MSTE502Acquiring Numeracy: How Thinking Develops18A (Block - Tauranga)30.0
This paper looks at how students' thinking becomes increasingly sophisticated as their mathematical understanding grows. A particular focus of the paper is the ways that learning in mathematics can be enhanced, including using formative assessment and digital technologies effectively.
PROF523Maori Educational Policies: Their Development and Some Strategic Responses18A (Block - Tauranga) & 18C (Block - Tauranga)30.0
This paper examines the historical and contemporary politics and practices that have contributed to the current education disparities that affect Maori people in particular, but also the wider fabric of New Zealand society. The paper then considers historical and contemporary policies developed to address these disparities and a number of programme responses that have ensued.
PROF551Special Topic18S (Block - Tauranga)30.0
A special topic allows for a paper to be offered on a temporary basis in the area of Education and Society. The paper may be offered be an existing staff-member or academic visitor.
SOCW303Children and Young People at Risk18C (Block - Tauranga)20.0
This paper critically examines topics important to Social Workers who work with children and young people at risk. The paper focuses on the application of social work theories and research to practice issues with children and young people who are vulnerable.

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