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Code Title Occurrences Points
ANTHY390Directed Study21A (Hamilton), 21B (Hamilton) & 21D (Hamilton)15.0
This course consists of a programme of individual research and assessment undertaken by a student working under supervision.
ANTHY590Directed Study21A (Hamilton), 21B (Hamilton) & 21D (Hamilton)30.0
Students have the opportunity to pursue a topic of their own interest under the guidance of academic staff. Open to selected students who meet the criteria set out in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Graduate Handbook.
APPLN580Special Topic21A (Hamilton), 21B (Hamilton) & 21D (Hamilton)30.0
Students have the opportunity to pursue a topic of interest under the guidance of academic staff.
APPLN581Special Topics in Applied Linguistics21A (Hamilton), 21B (Hamilton) & 21D (Hamilton)15.0
Students have the opportunity to pursue a topic of interest under the guidance of academic staff.
APPLN590Directed Study21A (Hamilton), 21B (Hamilton) & 21D (Hamilton)30.0
Students have the opportunity to pursue a topic of their own interest under the guidance of academic staff.
CHINE507Special Topic21A (Hamilton), 21B (Hamilton) & 21D (Hamilton)30.0
No description available.
CHINE590Directed Study21A (Hamilton), 21B (Hamilton) & 21D (Hamilton)30.0
Students have the opportunity to pursue a topic of their own interest under the guidance of academic staff.
COMPX520Dissertation21D (Hamilton), 21I (Hamilton) & 21X (Hamilton)45.0
A directed study investigation and report on an approved project or study topic under the supervision of a lecturer. Student's should obtain the lecturer's approval and signature on an enrolment sheet (available from the School Office).
COUNS548Supervision Practice21D (Block)30.0
This paper is an introduction to the practices of counselling supervision from a narrative stance, including reflecting on team supervision.
ENGCB580Process Engineering Design Project30.0
This paper will cover various aspects of biochemical engineering used in producing biologically derived products including fermentation, downstream processing, and meat processing.
ENGCV580Civil Design Challenge 330.0
Engineering design principles applied to a complex civil design challenge. Detailed considerations in the project to include using design standards, materials selection, life cycle costs, environmental impact, health and safety and risk assesssment.
ENGEN570Engineering and the Profession21D (Hamilton)15.0
The roles and responsibilities of professional engineers are examined. Topics include; project management, leadership, negotiation, ethical responsibilities, legal duties, Treaty of Waitangi, intellectual property and professional communication.
ENGEN581Honours Research Project21D (Hamilton) & 21X (Hamilton)30.0
Final year honours research project carried out on a topic assigned and supervised by a member of staff.
ENGEN582Honours Research and Development Project21D (Hamilton) & 21X (Hamilton)45.0
This is the final year Honours, research and design "capstone" project.
ENGEV580Environmental Design Project30.0
Engineering design principles are applied to a complex environmental engineering design challenge. Detailed considerations in the project are to include options evaluation, process selection, detailed design, environmental impact, H&S and risk.
FRNCH524Special Topic21B (Hamilton), 21D (Hamilton) & 21X (Hamilton)30.0
This paper involves research carried out in France, usually while working as a teaching assistant or on exchange with a partner university
HISTY390Directed Study21A (Hamilton), 21B (Hamilton) & 21D (Hamilton)15.0
A Directed Study is a taught paper enabling an undergraduate student to undertake a piece of extended historiographical research. Students enrolled in this paper work on a focused piece of research and are individually supervised.
HISTY591Dissertation21A (Hamilton), 21B (Hamilton) & 21D (Hamilton)30.0
A report on the findings of a theoretical or empirical investigation.
HLTSC980Professional Doctoral Research Portfolio21D (Hamilton)120.0
This paper provides the taught component of the Professional Doctorate of Health Science programme. The paper covers an in-depth analysis of the issues that students need to consider in approaching their doctoral research, including research design, comparative methodologies, Maori, Pacific and Indigenous research approaches and preparing a research proposal. The paper will be delivered through tutorials (online and face-toface) and online discussion forums. The sessions will be facilitated by senior academics and other invited experts with considerable experience around research, policy and governance. This will include Maori researchers and health leaders.
INTLC390Directed Study21A (Hamilton), 21B (Hamilton), 21D (Hamilton) & 21H (Hamilton)15.0
At the discretion of the relevant Programme Convenor, students undertake independent but guided research on a topic of the student's choice
JAPAN520Special Topic21A (Hamilton), 21B (Hamilton) & 21D (Hamilton)30.0
Students have the opportunity to pursue a topic of interest under the guidance of academic staff.
JAPAN590Directed Study21A (Hamilton), 21B (Hamilton) & 21D (Hamilton)30.0
Students have the opportunity to pursue a topic of their own interest under the guidance of academic staff.
LEGAL106Legal Systems and Societies21D (Hamilton) & 21D (Tauranga)30.0
An introduction to the history, sources, context and institutions of law in Aotearoa/New Zealand, with particular reference to statute, custom as illustrated by Maori customary law and the common law, and the distinctive position of the Treaty of Waitangi.
LEGAL201Public Law21D (Hamilton) & 21D (Tauranga)30.0
Part One examines the principles of constitutionalism and the framework of the New Zealand system of government. Part Two examines the exercise and control of executive power in New Zealand and the relationship between the state, its agencies and the individual.
LEGAL203Jurisprudence21D (Hamilton) & 21D (Tauranga)15.0
An analysis of legal theories and ideologies, emphasising different approaches to the meaning of law, examining the relationship between theory and practice, illustrated by the concepts of sovereignty, liability, property, justice, rights and personality.
LEGAL204Contracts21D (Hamilton) & 21D (Tauranga)30.0
This paper is an introduction to the theory of contract; the general principles relating to the operation, formation and discharge of contract; and the general principles of agency. It is a core paper for the Council for Legal Education (CLE).
LEGAL207Torts21D (Hamilton) & 21D (Tauranga)30.0
An analysis of the general principles of civil liability; interests protected by the law of torts; negligence; specific torts such as nuisance and defamation; and the law relating to compensation for personal injury by accident in New Zealand.
LEGAL301Crimes21D (Hamilton)30.0
An analysis of the general principles of criminal law and selected offences chargeable under New Zealand law; an introduction to criminal procedure from arrest to sentencing in both jury and judge-alone trials (excluding evidence); and an introduction to the criminal justice system.
LEGAL305Corporate Entities21D (Hamilton)15.0
An introduction to the concept of corporate personality in the law including an introduction to the general principles of law relating to companies and other corporates.
LEGAL306Dispute Resolution21D (Hamilton)15.0
The objective/ethos of the paper is to expose students to the theory, general principles and practical dimensions of client interviewing, negotiation, mediation, arbitration, adjudication and advocacy. Once the students have a basic knowledge of these skills, the paper then examines how these skills are applied within certain contexts eg international dispute resolution, Maori dispute resolution and dispute resolution within the court system.
LEGAL307Land Law21D (Hamilton)30.0
An analysis of the history, principles and bicultural context of land law.
LEGAL308Equity and Succession21D (Hamilton)15.0
An analysis of the principles of equity with particular reference to the laws of trusts, the principle of the law of succession and the administration of estates, and choses in action and the assignment thereof.
LEGAL497Work Placement21D (Hamilton) & 21X (Hamilton)30.0
This is a work placement paper designed to provide a 30 point credit towards the LLB degree. This paper enables students to undertake work placement in an area related to their major as part of their degree. Students work in a chosen field for a period of time in order to gain valuable work experience and learn from experts in their chosen field. To complete the Work Placement paper students need to complete a 5000 word (max) research essay. This essay needs to be focused on a legal issue that arose or was connected to the work the student undertook during the palcement. The student also needs to provide a workplace journal documenting the work they have undertaken and the legal issues that have arisen.
MEDIA390Directed Study21A (Hamilton), 21B (Hamilton) & 21D (Hamilton)15.0
Students who have a passion for a particular topic or issue, or who wish to further explore scholarly questions raised during their degree papers can opt to complete a supervised independent research dissertation. Students will get to work closely with a staff member from Screen Media, who will guide them through the research process. Note: The normal criteria for enrolment in this paper are the completion of the second year SMST programme, a minimum B+ grade in EITHER MEDIA201 OR MEDIA203 and the approval of a research proposal by the coordinator of directed studies. The first two requirements may be waived in exceptional circumstances.
MEDIA591Dissertation21A (Hamilton), 21B (Hamilton) & 21D (Hamilton)30.0
Provides students with an opportunity to engage with a topic of their choice from the field of Screen and Media Studies under the guidance and supervision of a lecturer from the programme. The outcome is a report of approx 10,000 words or equivalent on the findings of a theoretical, empirical or practice-led investigation in the field.
MUSIC101Secondary Performance Studies 121B (Hamilton) & 21D (Hamilton)15.0
Students develop musical interpretation and technical skills in their chosen instrument/voice and broaden their repertoire knowledge and performance opportunities at Friday performance hour sessions.
MUSIC117Musicianship 121D (Hamilton)15.0
An introduction to sight-reading, score reading, keyboard skills, choral and aural training and general musicianship.
MUSIC119Harmony and Counterpoint 121D (Hamilton)15.0
A study of harmony and counterpoint in the Western tradition using historical and contemporary models. Scores and sound files are realised using computer software.
MUSIC121Chamber Music 121D (Hamilton)15.0
This paper provides practical experience and development in a variety of chamber music formations, sonata duo, piano duet, piano trio, string quartet, vocal ensemble, as well as orchestral and choral practice, and, for keyboard players, continuo and accompanying skills.
MUSIC130Soloist Studies 121D (Hamilton)15.0
An introduction to the biography of musical repertoire, musical styles, systems of intonation, and the dynamics of working with piano. Students gain a thorough knowledge and history of their chosen instrument.

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