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ACCT101Accounting for Management17A (Hamilton), 17A (Secondary School - Unistart), 17B (Hamilton) & 17T (Hamilton)15.0
An introduction to accounting, examining the role of accounting in organisations and society, and the construction and use of accounting information. A non-specialist approach involving management and user perspectives on accounting information.
ACCT102Introductory Financial Accounting17A (Hamilton), 17B (Hamilton) & 17S (Hamilton)15.0
An introductory computer based accounting paper emphasising the preparation of accounting records. This paper provides ample opportunity to learn the language of accounting through practical problems.
ACCT202Intermediate Financial Accounting17A (Hamilton), 17B (Hamilton) & 17S (Hamilton)20.0
Preparation of general purpose financial reports, following New Zealand International Reporting Standards, and interpretation thereof. Accounting for companies, partnerships and business combinations.
ACCT209Accounting and Managerial Decision Making17A (Hamilton), 17B (Hamilton) & 17S (Hamilton)20.0
An introduction to the areas of financial accounting and management accounting.
ACCT231Management Accounting: Accounting for Organisational Control17A (Hamilton) & 17B (Hamilton)20.0
A study of accounting information systems designed to ensure organisational success, and an introduction to managerial accounting techniques, including behavioural aspects.
ACCT302Financial Accounting17B (Hamilton), 17B (Tauranga), 17S (Hamilton) & 17S (Tauranga)20.0
A study of the principles and practices of company accounting.
ACCT313Accounting Information Technology and Systems17B (Hamilton), 17B (Tauranga), 17XB (Hamilton) & 17XB (Tauranga)20.0
The design, acquisition, operation, management, and control of accounting information systems with prime focus on computerised accounting information systems, accounting packages, spreadsheets and databases.
ACCT322Law of Business Enterprises17B (Hamilton)20.0
A study of the law relevant to the establishment, activities and control of business enterprises. Also, an examination of current legal issues that impact on decision making within business organisations.
ACCT332Financial Management17B (Hamilton) & 17B (Tauranga)20.0
This paper develops understanding of important issues with regards to financial management and decision making and how crucial this area is with regards to the impact that financial decisions will have on the creation of financial value of organisations.
ACCT351Taxation17B (Hamilton) & 17B (Tauranga)20.0
A study of the concepts, law and practice of the main direct, indirect and wealth taxes.
ACCT390Directed Study17B (Hamilton)20.0
This paper is available only to Waikato Management School students with the approval of the Chairperson. Students have the opportunity to pursue a topic of their own interest under the guidance of academic staff.
ACCT407Accounting for Sustainability17B (Hamilton)20.0
A study of how business organisations might integrate sustainable development into their decision making and performance evaluation. Emphasis is placed on understanding the wider environments in which the organisation exists.
ACCT422Law of Business Enterprises17B (Tauranga)20.0
A study of the law relevant to the establishment, activities and control of business enterprises, and an examination of current legal issues that have an impact on decision making within business organisations.
ACCT490Directed Study17A (Hamilton), 17A (Tauranga), 17B (Hamilton), 17B (Tauranga), 17C (Hamilton), 17C (Tauranga), 17S (Hamilton), 17S (Tauranga), 17Y (Hamilton) & 17Y (Tauranga)20.0
This paper is available only to Waikato Management School students with the approval of the Chairperson of Department. Students have the opportunity to pursue a topic of their own interest under the guidance of academic staff.
ACCT502Advanced Financial Reporting17B (Hamilton)30.0
This paper equips students with sufficient practical knowledge to appreciate some of the problems involved in preparing advanced financial statements. It will also enhance an understanding of the different issues facing accountants and preparation of general purpose financial reports, as well as enabling students to critically interpret financial statements.
ACCT531Advanced Management Accounting17B (Hamilton)30.0
This paper aims to develop skills and critical ability in management accounting. It will broaden the knowledge of participants by examining the diverse perspectives and approaches evident in the subject of management accounting.
ACCT574Advanced Financial Accounting17B (Hamilton)15.0
The paper is designed to facilitate students' understanding of the issues involved in the principles, practices and regulations of accounting within the New Zealand environment.
ACCT575Advanced Taxation17B (Hamilton)15.0
The paper provides an overview of the New Zealand Income Tax Act, Tax Administration Act, Goods and Service Tax Act, and Fringe Benefit Tax, and how they are relevant to individual and corporate taxpayers. Topics include the nature of income, taxation of common types of income, the deduction and prohibition of various types of expenses, tax accounting issues, provisional tax, rebates, PAYE system and employee tax return, liability for disposal of property, and taxation principles applying to special entities such as trusts and partnerships.
ACCT577Financial Management17B (Hamilton)15.0
The paper will cover the three key areas of financial management decisions relating to investment, financing and asset management.
ACCT578Accounting Information Systems17B (Hamilton)15.0
This paper addresses the design, acquisition, operation, and control of computerised information systems specific to the accounting field. the theories and learning in this paper are applied and reinforced through practical exercises using spreadsheets, relational databases, and accounting packages.
ACCT590Directed Study17A (Hamilton), 17B (Hamilton), 17C (Hamilton), 17S (Hamilton) & 17Y (Hamilton)30.0
Students have the opportunity to pursue a topic of their own interest under the guidance of academic staff. This paper is available only to Waikato Management School students with the approval of the Chairperson.
AGRI202Sustainable Agriculture17B (Hamilton)20.0
An exploration of sustainable farming systems and the relevance of sustainable farming practice for agribusiness decision making.
AGRI304Advanced New Zealand Agribusiness17B (Hamilton)20.0
An exploration of the governance and performance of agribusiness domestically and internationally.
AGRI404Advanced New Zealand Agribusiness17B (Hamilton)20.0
An exploration of the governance and performance of agribusiness domestically and internationally.
AGRI490Directed Study17A (Hamilton), 17B (Hamilton), 17C (Hamilton), 17S (Hamilton) & 17Y (Hamilton)20.0
This paper involves supervised study of a topic in Agribusiness. Typically the directed study involves critical review of the literature on the chosen topic, and writing a substantive paper, analysing the literature and producing insights. Components of the paper should be in a style suitable for publication.
AGRI502Agribusiness Case Studies17B (Hamilton)30.0
Analysis of agribusiness decisions pertaining to production and trade.
ALED100Writing for University Purposes17A (Hamilton), 17A (Online), 17A (Tauranga), 17B (Hamilton) & 17B (Online)15.0
This paper supports students to develop an understanding of the expectations of writing at university, and to develop an awareness of what constitutes quality writing in the context of university disciplines. Students engage in analysing how effective texts are written and they analyse their own. Students are introduced to writing processes such as generating ideas, planning, researching the topic, composing drafts, and editing. The paper takes the view that academic writing expertise develops over time, is underpinned by reading, and requires a knowledge of the academic context in which it is produced.
ALED110Introduction to Drawing and Learning17A (Hamilton) & 17B (Hamilton)15.0
Students will learn and practice drawing as an introduction to practical art.
ALED120Music in Action for Educational Contexts17A (Tauranga) & 17B (Hamilton)15.0
This paper provides participants with an opportunity to develop skills and knowledge in music and music education for educational contexts. A range of group music teaching practices involving musical instruments and other musical expressions pertaining to early childhood education and primary schooling will be workshopped and studied.
ALED390Directed Study17A (Hamilton) & 17B (Hamilton)20.0
No description available.
ALED502Critical Literacy in Curriculum17B (Online)30.0
This paper offers participants the opportunity to develop a set of critical lenses through which to view: their own and others' literacy practices, teaching and learning practices in relationship to literacy and the way in which literacy is underpinned by ideology in various policy and official documents.
ALED503Bilingual and Multilingual Education: Classroom Practice and Policy Directions17B (Online)30.0
This paper provides a critical examination of the common types of bilingual education, and the educational and linguistic theories underpinning them. Implications for educational policy and practice will also be explored.
ALED504Reading Difficulties17B (Block) & 17C (Block)30.0
This paper provides a critical examination of theoretical models of the reading process and the utility of associated procedures designed to evaluate, diagnose, and remediate reading problems.
ALED522Best Practice in the Writing Classroom17B (Online)30.0
In this paper students explore writing discourses; analysing and critiquing a range of theoretical perspectives and teaching practices. Participants are required to reflect on their discursive practices and how these position them as teachers of writing. Current pedagogical research in terms of effective teaching and assessment practices are discussed and teachers transfer these understandings to a small research project in a practical teaching situation. This paper extends PGLit students' knowledge regarding the teaching of writing and enables teachers to reflect on their own practices.
ALED551Special Topic17B (Block)30.0
Further study and investigation into a selected area within Arts or Language/Literacy Education.
ALED590Directed Study17A (Hamilton), 17B (Hamilton), 17C (Online), 17S (Hamilton) & 17S (Online)30.0
The Directed Study provides the postgraduate student with the opportunity to do a small piece of independent research under supervision, contributing to the student's development as an independent scholar.
ANTH102New Zealand and the Pacific17B (Hamilton)15.0
Social and cultural change in Aotearoa-New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, with special emphasis on national identities, regional relations and global forces.
ANTH201Ethnicity and Identity17B (Hamilton) & 17B (Online)20.0
This paper examines contemporary examples of ethnic consciousness and conflict, and of collective identity and personhood, in different societies and cultures around the globe.
ANTH301Anthropological Thought and Practice17B (Hamilton)20.0
This paper introduces students to the history of anthropology from the late 19th century to the present day, and examines how that history informs the contemporary theory and practice of anthropology.
ANTH308Melanesian Ethnography17B (Hamilton)20.0
An overview of the ethnographic work undertaken in Melanesia from the colonial era through to the contemporary. The course covers the central importance of Melanesia to the discipline of anthropology, the vast array of cultural worlds that exist within the area, as well as the approaches and attitudes of particular anthropologists who have worked in the area.

Results 1 to 40 of 816


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