Executive Education (2023)

Waikato Management School offers a range of highly practical executive and corporate development training programmes. These are designed to meet the specific individual and organisational development needs of different industry sectors. Programmes are generally offered on a 'cohort' basis. Therefore, enrolment into individual papers is often not possible. In most cases it is not possible to cross-credit papers from these applied postgraduate programmes to or from undergraduate or graduate qualifications.

Note: Initial enquiries about the MBA, MBM or specialised Corporate Programmes should be made to Executive Education at the Waikato Management School, phone +64 7 838 4833 or email execed@waikato.ac.nz.

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  • Prescriptions for the MBA

    MBA students must complete EXMBA557, EXMBA558, EXMBA559, EXMBA560, EXMBA561, EXMBA562, EXMBA563, EXMBA564, EXMBA565, EXMBA566 and EXMBA567.

  • Prescriptions for the MBM

    MBM students must complete EXMBM511, EXMBM512, EXMBM513, EXMBM514, EXMBM521, EXMBM522, EXMBM523, EXMBM524, EXMBM531, EXMBM532, and EXMBM533.

  • Corporate Programmes

    Further information on these specialised programmes can be obtained by contacting Executive Education at the Waikato Management School, phone +64 7 838 4833 or email execed@waikato.ac.nz.

  • 500 Level

    Code Paper Title Points Occurrence / Location
    EXMBA557Competing in a Complex World15.023W (Hamilton) & 23W (Tauranga)
    This paper applies key strategic, communication and marketing frameworks and tools to the analysis of real organisations, and then develops strategies to enhance their stakeholder-centric positioning and performance.
    EXMBA558Understanding the Business Environment15.023W (Hamilton) & 23W (Tauranga)
    This paper explores how an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world, both influences, and impacts all sectors of society and commerce in particular.
    EXMBA559Financial Analysis and Performance15.023W (Hamilton) & 23W (Tauranga)
    This paper equips managers with the skills required to determine the financial health of an organisation, in order to support organisational resilience and competitiveness during growth, transformation, or a re-positioning of strategic priorities.
    EXMBA560People and Productivity15.023W (Hamilton) & 23W (Tauranga)
    In the context of how to prepare for tomorrows workforce, this paper equips students with the skills and competencies required to enable, engage and empower workers.
    EXMBA561Leadership for Growth and Development15.023W (Hamilton) & 23W (Tauranga)
    Through the application of leadership knowledge and skill (self, team and organization), together with decision-making, students will be able to evaluate the antecedents and outcomes of effective leadership.
    EXMBA562Creating Positive Disruption15.023W (Hamilton)
    The rate of technological and market change is placing increasing pressure on incumbent business. Organisations are increasingly required to disrupt, or risk being the victim of disruption. In a complex and uncertain world, managers must draw on their ecosystem to assess dangers and evaluate opportunities.
    EXMBA563Leading Transformation in Organisations15.023W (Hamilton)
    With the complexity of business today the practice of leading change has never had greater significance. This paper equips leaders with the ability to face difficult situations that arise with change, including the complexity of leading change at both the organisational and individual level.
    EXMBA564Governance and Responsible Engagement15.023W (Tauranga)
    This paper takes an ambicultural approach to governance and covers the practicalities of business governance, including ethical decision-making, fiscal, societal and environmental responsibility, and reporting.
    EXMBA565High Impact Project30.023W (Tauranga)
    This paper provides an opportunity for the student to investigate a topic in depth and conduct applied research that results in a report that will be of value to practitioners and or organisations.
    EXMBA566Breaking Boundaries – The Global Business Experience15.023W (Hamilton)
    How do businesses engage with international markets? The paper explores the strategies of international businesses and how these might be employed to address cross-border challenges associated with the dynamic international business environment.
    EXMBA567Contemporary and Future Issues for Leaders15.023W (Hamilton)
    In a world where the only constant is change itself the issues facing today's leaders are complex and varied. This paper will provide insight into current topical issues facing leaders of today, including scenario planning and foresight.
    EXMBA589Directed Study15.023X (Hamilton)
    Students have the opportunity to pursue a topic of their own interest under the guidance of academic staff.
    EXMBA590Directed Study30.023X (Hamilton)
    Students have the opportunity to pursue a topic of their own interest under the guidance of academic staff.
    EXMBM511Communication and Collaboration in Organisations15.023B (Hamilton)
    In the context of organisational behaviour, this paper equips students with the key communications, intercultural and people management skills required to function efficiently at an individual, group and organisational level. Learn what it takes to work in diverse environments and influence key stakeholders.
    EXMBM512Leadership and Change Management15.023B (Hamilton)
    Effective Leadership is an essential component for organisational and business success. This paper helps participants to identify their leadership potential and discusses the role of leaders in a complex and continually changing environment.
    EXMBM513Sustainability and Responsible Management15.023A (Hamilton) & 23C (Hamilton)
    In the complex world facing managers today, sustainability and responsible management has never had a greater significance. Identify and assess the sustainability choices faced by businesses and society today and get a deeper understanding of the three pillars of sustainability: social, environmental and economic.
    EXMBM514Economics and the Global Context15.023B (Hamilton)
    Understand key concepts and tools of economic analysis to examine decision-making at the micro and macro level within a global context. Students will explore the complex interactions between domestic and international business environments and its impact on the performance of a business or organisation.
    EXMBM521Strategic Management and Decision Making15.023B (Hamilton)
    Apply your strategic thinking skills to explore how organisations can achieve long term competitive advantage. Demonstrate competence in strategic analysis and decision-making by blending theory and practical examples.
    EXMBM522Marketing Strategy15.023A (Hamilton) & 23C (Hamilton)
    This paper presents a strategic view of marketing to illustrate what drives value for customers, organisations and stakeholders in an ever changing environment. Learn core marketing concepts and understand how to develop and present a strategic marketing plan.
    EXMBM523Digital Business and Supply Chain Management15.023A (Hamilton) & 23C (Hamilton)
    All businesses today are digital businesses and this paper provides a deeper appreciation of the critical roles of Digital Business and Supply Chain Management in today's dynamic business environment and equips students with skills to prepare businesses for the future.
    EXMBM524Financial Analysis15.023A (Hamilton) & 23C (Hamilton)
    This paper equips students with the financial literacy skills required to interpret financial data and analyse its impact on business decision making and organisation growth.
    EXMBM531Applied Research and Consultancy Practices30.023A (Hamilton), 23B (Hamilton), 23C (Hamilton) & 23X (Hamilton)
    This paper develops ability in applied research methods and ethical business practices as students plan and write an applied research report that will be of value to all stakeholders. Students will also gain experience in work integrated learning as they undertake a consultancy project for a real business.
    EXMBM532Managing Innovation and Value Creation15.023A (Hamilton), 23B (Hamilton) & 23C (Hamilton)
    Managing innovation and creating value for business is a key skill for aspiring managers. This paper equips students to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and analyse the different types of innovation.
    EXMBM533Integrative Learning Project15.023A (Hamilton), 23B (Hamilton) & 23C (Hamilton)
    This final capstone paper seeks to integrate all the learnings from the MBM programme in the context of action learning where students investigate an idea in depth and apply their knowledge to create and test a new real-life business opportunity.
    SCMGT562Managing Transport and Storage15.023B (Hamilton)
    Logistics plays a key role in the success of many organisations and their ability to get their products to the right place at the right time and at an acceptable cost. This paper covers three areas of logistics operations (transport, storage and procurement) and takes a practical and integrated approach to this multi-dimensional fi...
    SCMGT563Managing Manufacturing and Service Operations15.023B (Hamilton)
    In today's competitive environment, customer satisfaction and profitability are heavily dependent on operational excellence. This paper provides a comprehensive framework for addressing operational issues and covers fundamental concepts, practices and decision-making tools related to both manufacturing and service operations.

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