Tertiary Teaching and Learning (2022)

The Postgraduate Certificate in Tertiary Teaching and Learning programme has been designed for staff working in tertiary education contexts who wish to extend their understanding of learning and teaching in the tertiary education context and improve their own practice. It is a flexible programme offering face-to-face and online options that can benefit people engaged in higher education teaching and facilitation of learning at any point during their career.

Initial enquiries should be made to the Centre for Tertiary Teaching and Learning Office.

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  • Prescriptions for the PGCert(TertiaryT&L)

    The Postgraduate Certificate in Tertiary Teaching and Learning is available for students who have completed a Bachelors degree or equivalent.

    To complete the Postgraduate Certificate, students must complete 60 points at 500 level by completing four of the following 15-point papers to be offered on a rotating basis.

  • 500 Level

    Code Paper Title Points Occurrence / Location
    RPLCR501Recognition of Prior Learning in Tertiary Teaching and Learning15.022A (Online) & 22B (Online)
    This paper offers participants the opportunity to apply for recognition of prior learning for teaching-related achievements.
    TERTL500Learning, Teaching and Assessment in Tertiary Education15.022X (Online)
    This paper enables participants to explore core concepts of teaching, learning and assessment and develop the knowledge and skills for effective teaching in tertiary teaching contexts.
    TERTL501Integrating Kaupapa Māori across Programmes15.022B (Hamilton)
    This paper provides an introduction to Kaupapa Maori as an indigenous knowledge framework, and encourages examination and evaluation of existing learning programmes in terms of bi-cultural integration.
    TERTL502Work-Integrated Learning15.022B (Online)
    Drawing on cooperative education theories, this paper explores diverse models for work-integrated learning (WIL), introduces participants to the key features of WIL, and examines options for implementing WIL in a paper or programme. Participants can design learning activities relevant to WIL, as well as evaluate and assess learning...
    TERTL503Blended/Online Learning15.022A (Online)
    This paper outlines theoretical models and explores ways of implementing blended and fully online learning in a tertiary context. The paper is based on experimental learning pedagogy and gives learners experiences and competencies to facilitate and design effective blended and online learning activities for students.
    TERTL504Supervising Postgraduate Students15.022X (Online)
    This paper introduces selected practical issues and contemporary theoretical perspectives in postgraduate supervision, with a focus on participants' own experience.
    TERTL506Curriculum and Course Design15.022B (Online)
    This paper enables participants to think deeply about curriculum design at both programme and course levels, informed by contemporary educational theories and models of instructional design. The paper provides opportunities for participants to confidently design, develop, and implement a course relevant to their field.
    TERTL507Facilitating Learning in Small Group Contexts15.022A (Online)
    This paper enables participants to apply theories and strategies related to effective facilitation of small group learning to their own practice.
    TERTL511English-Medium Instruction (EMI) in Higher Education Teaching15.022A (Online)
    This paper examines principles and practices of English-medium instruction (EMI), focussing particularly on settings where students (and/or lecturers) are using English as a second or foreign language.
    TERTL513Researching Tertiary Learning and Teaching Practice15.022X (Online)
    In this paper, participants design, implement and evaluate a small-scale research project on an aspect of teaching and learning in their own tertiary education context.
    TERTL590Directed Study15.022X (Online)
    This paper offers participants the opportunity to examine a specific area of tertiary learning and teaching, with learning outcomes and content agreed by the participant and paper convenor.

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