Creative Technologies (2022)

Creative Technologies is focused on the creative outcomes of applying new technologies across a range of media in advanced and emerging cultural and artistic fields. Music papers are focused on digital music and applications, computer science papers focus on computer graphics and interactive media systems, and media papers include video production and new, integrated video-based multimedia practices.

Note: Candidates who wish to follow a creative technology or creative practice pathway can discuss these options with the Screen and Media Studies graduate advisor.

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  • Prescriptions for the PGCert(CreateTech) and PGDip(CreateTech)

    To be eligible to be considered for enrolment in graduate Creative Technologies papers, a student should normally have completed a Bachelor of Media and Creative Technologies (BMCT) or an undergraduate programme considered to be equivalent by the Head of the School of Arts.

  • 500 Level

    Code Paper Title Points Occurrence / Location
    DSIGN532Information Visualisation15.022A (Online)
    This paper aims to provide an awareness of the potential offered by information visualisation techniques, a familiarity with the underlying concepts, and an understanding and ability to effectively design and apply information visualisations in a given context.
    MEDIA501Critical and Creative Approaches to Research30.022A (Hamilton), 22A (Online) & 22B (Online)
    This paper identifies the constraints and freedoms of research methods, and places a strong emphasis on research as an intellectual, theoretical, and processual activity as well as the roles of interdisciplinary projects in creating unique methodological and conceptual media research.
    MEDIA504Media Design and Aesthetics30.0No occurrences
    Audio-visual media are undergoing continual transformations that question the roles of makers and audiences alike. Students are encouraged to experiment with sensory perception in order to question current notions of aesthetics in relation to cultural practices and media creations. This process of reflection encourages critical perspectives on existing and potential design practices, and contributes to re-evaluating the relationships between the self, digital media, audio-visual technologies, and aesthetics.
    MEDIA507Theory and Research in Action30.022B (Hamilton)
    Have you got a topic you are passionate about to research? This supervised paper provides students the opportunity to engage with primary texts in preparation for writing their dissertation. You will explore research design frameworks which will support the completion of a robust dissertation.
    MEDIA508Creative Practice Research30.022A (Hamilton) & 22B (Hamilton)
    Are you a creative practitioner that wants to experiment with practice-led research? This supervised paper offers a site for experimentation and development of a practical project to be included in a final dissertation.
    MEDIA593Screen and Media Studies Thesis90.022X (Hamilton)
    Provides students with an opportunity to engage with a topic of their choice from the field of Screen and Media Studies under the guidance and supervision of a lecturer from the programme. The outcome is a report of approx. 30,000 words or equivalent on the findings of a theoretical, empirical or practice-led investigation in the f...
    MUSIC510Music and the Screen30.022D (Hamilton)
    No description available.

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