Communication (2022)

Core papers for the Bachelor of Communication are listed below.

For a list of major and minor subjects available for the Bachelor of Communication, please see the following page.

Communication is not available as a major or minor; the papers listed below comprise the core of the Bachelor of Communication.

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  • 100 Level

    Code Paper Title Points Occurrence / Location
    COMMS100Fundamental Skills for Media and Creative Industries15.022B (Hamilton)
    This paper introduces students to creative technologies and tools that enable the development of creative ideas and expression in a digital world. Students will develop key skills necessary to generate creative works and projects in an interdisciplinary environment that comprise and blends visual art, design layout, audio-visual pr...
    COMMS101Communication Competencies15.022A (Hamilton)
    This paper introduces students to the significance and meaning associated with our everyday communication choices. From inscriptional technologies (pencil, pen, typewriter, word processor), modes of address to communication applications, these choices serve to communicate something about the message maker and the appropriateness an...
    COMMS102Communication in a Digital World15.022A (Hamilton)
    This paper introduces students to communication practices, concepts, and issues that they are likely to encounter as citizens, communicating professionals, community members, and participants in a highly mediated online world.
    COMMS103Communication and Organising15.022B (Hamilton)
    The paper introduces students to key communication theories within organisational contexts. It will demonstrate the power of communication in constructing organisational and social reality. The paper will also provide a brief introduction to three major organisational communication practices: public relations, marketing and leaders...
  • 200 Level

    Code Paper Title Points Occurrence / Location
    COMMS200Communication Ethics15.022A (Hamilton)
    This paper provides a foundation in communication ethics by working with students to examine, negotiate, and take sound decisions on ethical issues in a variety of contexts including interpersonal, intercultural, organisational, societal, mass media, and social media ones.
    COMMS202Intercultural Perspectives in Communication15.022B (Hamilton)
    This paper examines concepts of intercultural communication where consideration is given to individual and cross cultural values and practice. Communication will be considered through a range of themes including Treaty partnership in Aotearoa, cultural understanding and influences, perceptions and personality, motivation, decision ...
  • 300 Level

    Code Paper Title Points Occurrence / Location
    COMMS300Communication Consulting Project15.0No occurrences
    This paper introduces the use of action research methodology for an integrated work experience to identify communication needs in specific organisations from business, government, community or non-profit sector. Needs assessments and interventions are covered.

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