Arts and Social Sciences (2022)

Papers for Arts and Social Science qualifications are listed under the individual subject headings.

For a list of major subjects available for the Bachelor of Arts (BA), please see the BA.

Students studying a BA within the Division of Arts, Law, Psychology and Social Sciences are required to complete ARTSC110.

For a list of major subjects available for the Bachelor of Social Sciences (BSocSc), please see the BSocSc.

Students studying a BSocSc within the Division of Arts, Law, Psychology and Social Sciences or the Division of Education are required to complete ARTSC111.

Note: The papers listed in the Arts and Social Sciences subject page do not count towards a major.

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  • 100 Level

    Code Paper Title Points Occurrence / Location
    ARTSC103Rights and Reason15.022A (Hamilton), 22A (Tauranga) & 22B (Hamilton)
    Students will develop critical thinking skills by reasoning about human rights. Issues include rights-protection in difficult circumstances, who bears responsibility for protecting human rights, and armed intervention and torture in the name of human rights.
    ARTSC105Language in Context15.022B (Online)
    Language in Context is an essential paper for students of a broad range of disciplines where language and communication are a focus. Students are given the tools to examine how human language reflects our histories, our social selves, and our immediate physical contexts. We observe how language is used to reinvent and to reinforce ...
    ARTSC106Critical Social Science Research: The Crisis of Climate Change15.022B (Hamilton) & 22B (Online)
    This paper is an introduction to critical social science research in Aotearoa New Zealand. It adopts an interdisciplinary approach spanning Indigenous and Feminist studies, political science and sociology, and is organised around the case study of climate change.
    ARTSC110Old Worlds - New Worlds15.022A (Online)
    This multi-disciplinary paper is designed to help you become a better BA student, no matter what your major subject. It is structured by some key concepts (journey, encounter and change) and foregrounds the processes and attributes that help make culturally aware, responsible and articulate citizens: interpreting; explaining, gathe...
    ARTSC111Social Science Theory and Action15.022A (Hamilton) & 22A (Tauranga)
    This paper introduces University of Waikato social scientists as researchers. Each presenter's research will be discussed to demonstrate how it illustrates key themes of the social sciences and their specific disciplines.
    ARTSC112Music, Sound and Human Communication15.022B (Hamilton)
    Every day we communicate using complex linguistic and musical systems. This paper will explore the role of sound and music in human communication and the cognitive, social, and cultural processes, which underlie such communication. The paper takes a broad, interdisciplinary look at all aspects of sound and musical communication, fr...

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