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Code Title Occurrences Points
ACCTN102Introductory Financial Accounting21A (Hamilton), 21A (Tauranga), 21B (Hamilton), 21H (Hamilton) & 21X (Zhejiang University City College, Hangzhou China)15.0
An introductory computer based accounting paper examining the preparation of accounting records. This paper provides opportunity to learn the language of accounting through addressing practical problems.
ACCTN202Intermediate Financial Accounting21A (Hamilton), 21A (Tauranga), 21B (Hamilton) & 21H (Hamilton)15.0
This paper deals with the practices, principles and regulations of Financial Reporting in New Zealand with emphasis on financial reporting in partnerships and companies.
ACCTN302Financial Accounting21B (Hamilton), 21B (Tauranga), 21H (Hamilton) & 21H (Tauranga)15.0
This paper examines various issues of accounting practice particularly the application of New Zealand Equivalents to International Financial Reporting Standards.
ACCTN570Fundamental Accounting for Decision Making21A (Hamilton) & 21H (Hamilton)15.0
This paper emphasises learning the preparation of financial records and also provides an understanding of the techniques and issues related to management accounting.
ACCTN581Professional Development Capstone21G (Online) & 21H (Online)20.0
The objective of this paper is to help students develop critical thinking and sound analytical skills about the past, present and future of accounting theory and practice. This paper covers key theoretical positions underlying the practice of accounting as well as key factors effecting the development of the profession. The principles of Treaty of Waitangi, Ethics, CSR, globalisation and current issues will be examined with a particular emphasis on both theoretical and practical issues.
ACCTN582Research Project21G (Online) & 21H (Online)20.0
Students undertake a research project from an accounting workplace environment.
ACCTN583Professional Internship21G (Online) & 21H (Online)20.0
Students undertake a professional internship within an accounting workplace environment.
FINAN101Introduction to Finance21A (Hamilton), 21B (Hamilton), 21B (Tauranga), 21B (Waikato Pathways College), 21H (Hamilton) & 21X (Zhejiang University City College, Hangzhou China)15.0
This paper introduces the three core areas of finance - financial management, investments, and capital markets and institutions. The paper also examines applications of corporate finance concepts to personal finance.
FINAN304Financial Risk Management21B (Hamilton), 21B (Tauranga), 21H (Online) & 21X (Zhejiang University City College, Hangzhou China)15.0
The course deals with how risks are quantified and managed, particularly for financial institutions.
MNMGT504Organisational Behaviour21H (Hamilton)15.0
This paper focuses on the development of personal and professional self-awareness for managers to ensure successful management practices.
MRKTG101Fundamentals of Successful Marketing21A (Hamilton), 21A (Tauranga), 21B (Hamilton), 21C (Waikato Pathways College), 21H (Hamilton) & 21X (Zhejiang University City College, Hangzhou China)15.0
This paper focuses on the role of Marketing in business, introducing students to marketing research, consumer behaviour, and analysis, as essential tools for developing brand positioning strategies that create value.

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