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Papers for science qualifications are listed under the individual subject headings.

For a list of the subjects (majors) available for the Bachelor of Science, please see the following web page

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The papers listed under Science do not count towards a major, but may be taken as part of any BSc or BSc(Tech) degree. SCIEN300 is strongly recommended for School of Science students and is recommended for students in other Divisions or Schools who have an interest in science communication.

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  • 100 Level

    Code Paper Title Occurrence / Location
    APHYS111Physics in Context19A (Hamilton)
    This is an introductory paper in physics for students who have not studied physics or mathematics at NCEA level 2 or 3. It is intended to support a major in other science subjects. Emphasis is placed on describing everyday physics concepts using correct terminology. Examples of physics in action are drawn from many science areas. T...
    CHEMY100Chemistry in Context19A (Hamilton) & 19B (Tauranga)
    This is an introductory paper for students with a limited background in chemistry. There is a strong emphasis on teaching chemical concepts through real-world examples relevant to different science and engineering disciplines.
    MATHS165General Mathematics19A (Hamilton) & 19B (Hamilton)
    An introduction to algebra, calculus and applications for students without NCEA Level 3 Mathematics. Students who meet the prerequisites of MATH101 and/or MATH102 should take these papers instead.
    PHYSC100General Physics19A (Hamilton)
    This paper provides an introduction to the core ideas in physics. Topics covered include kinematics, mechanics, fluids, electric and magnetic forces and fields, electric circuits, optics, modern physics and relativity, taught in a problem solving context.
    STATS111Statistics for Science19A (Tauranga), 19B (Hamilton), 19B (Tauranga), 19C (Tauranga) & 19T (Hamilton)
    An introductory paper in statistics that uses Microsoft Excel. Topics include the collection and presentation of data, basic principles of experimental design, hypothesis testing, regression and the analysis of categorical data.
    STATS121Introduction to Statistical Methods19A (Hamilton)
    An introduction to statistical data collection and analysis. Topics include general principles for statistical problem solving; some practical examples of statistical inference; and the study of relationships between variables using regression analysis.
  • 200 Level

    Code Paper Title Occurrence / Location
    EARTH251Spatial Analysis in Geosciences19A (Hamilton)
    An introduction to quantitative spatial analysis in the geosciences, including production of maps and cross-sections of geomorphology and Earth materials from field and aerial image interpretation, use of 3D models of Earth materials, and an appreciation of volumes and stresses in the Earth's crust.
    SCIEN270Preparation for the Professional Workplace19B (Hamilton)
    This paper constitutes preparation for the scientific workplace, and include CV preparation, interview technique, career mentoring/direction, skill identification, organisational; management structures, self-assessment tools, and professional behaviour.
  • 300 Level

    Code Paper Title Occurrence / Location
    SCIEN300Science Communication19T (Hamilton)
    This paper discusses different ways in which science can be communicated by scientists to others. It gives students opportunities to practise verbal, written, visual and other forms of communication.
    SCIEN301Capstone Project19A (Hamilton), 19A (Tauranga), 19B (Hamilton), 19B (Tauranga), 19C (Hamilton) & 19C (Tauranga)
    Students complete an interdisciplinary group project on a topic of relevance to the scientific or wider community. For a list of available projects, please contact the paper coordinator.
    SCIEN303Undergraduate Research Project19A (Hamilton), 19A (Tauranga), 19B (Hamilton) & 19B (Tauranga)
    Students carry out an independent research project on an approved topic under staff supervision.
    SCIEN305Science and Matauranga Maori19B (Hamilton)
    This paper will provide science graduates with an understanding of both scientific and Matauranga Maori perspectives on topical issues and the ability to apply these in a Vision Matauranga context.
    SCIEN313Undergraduate Research Project19C (Hamilton) & 19C (Tauranga)
    Students carry out an independent research project on an approved topic under staff supervision.
    SCIEN371Science Work Placement19C (Hamilton)
    This paper provides a full-immersion, authentic work experience that is relevant to a student's study, in a professional workplace.
  • 500 Level

    Code Paper Title Occurrence / Location
    SCIEN511Scientific Supercomputing19C (Block)
    A practical introduction to undertaking scientific research on a supercomputer. The paper assumes no prior knowledge.
    SCIEN570Planning for the Science Workplace and Scientific Practice19C (Hamilton)
    This paper constitutes preparation for a professional scientific workplace, including evidencing skills, career planning, understanding societal expectations of a scientist, engaging with a relevant scientific workplace, sourcing a science problem to solve, ethical considerations, and writing a scientific investigation proposal.
    SCIEN579Reflection on Scientific Practice and Career Planning19C (Hamilton)
    This paper constitutes the reflective element of the practice of scientific inquiry in the professional science workplace as part of their research thesis undertaking. It also is the planning elements of a science career, including career direction, and the professional presentation as a graduate who is transitioning from being an...
    SCIEN589Directed Study19A (Hamilton), 19A (Tauranga), 19B (Hamilton) & 19B (Tauranga)
    No description available.
    SCIEN592Dissertation19C (Hamilton) & 19C (Tauranga)
    A report on the findings of a theoretical or empirical investigation.
    SCIEN593Thesis19C (Hamilton) & 19C (Tauranga)
    An externally examined piece of written work that reports on the findings of supervised research.
    SCIEN594Thesis19C (Hamilton), 19C (Tauranga) & 19D (Hamilton)
    An externally examined piece of written work that reports on the findings of supervised research.

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