Statistics for Science - STAT111 (2017)

STAT111 - 17A (TGA), 17B (HAM), 17B (SEC) & 17B (TGA)

15.0 Points

This paper provides a first course in statistics for students in the Faculty of Science and Engineering. Microsoft Excel is used throughout. Topics include the collection and presentation of data, basic principles of experimental design, hypothesis testing, regression and the analysis of categorical data.

Prerequisite(s): Admission to the BSc, or MATH168, or 18 credits at Level 2 in NCEA Mathematics, or 14 credits at Level 3 in Statistics, Calculus or Mathematics.

Restriction(s): STAT121 and STAT160

Internal assessment/examination ratio: 1:1

Note: BSc students with a weak mathematics background are advised to take MATH168 before enrolling in this paper. The SEC occurrence is available to Unistart students only.

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Paper Outlines for STAT111

The following 2016 paper outlines are available for STAT111. Please contact the Faculty or School office for details on 2017 outlines.

Available Subjects:   | Articulation Agreements and Unistart Papers | Biochemistry | Biotechnology | Environmental Sciences | Software Engineering | Statistics | 

Other available years: Statistics for Science - STAT111 (2016) , Statistics for Science - STAT111 (2015)

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