Introduction to Logic - PHIL102 (2017)

PHIL102 - 17B (HAM)

15.0 Points

An easy introduction to formal logic comprising an explanation of key concepts such as validity and proof, and an introduction to propositional and predicate logic.

Required book(s): R. Girle Introduction to Logic 2nd edition (Pearson)

Internal assessment/examination ratio: 1:0

Note: This paper may be credited towards the BSc or the BSc(Tech).

Timetabled Lectures for PHIL102

Day StartEndRoomDates
Mon1:00 PM2:00 PMS.1.04Jul 10 - Oct 8
Thu1:00 PM2:00 PML.G.02Jul 10 - Oct 8

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Other available years: Introduction to Logic - PHIL102 (2016) , Introduction to Logic - PHIL102 (2015)

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