Introduction to Calculus - MATH101 (2017)

MATH101 - 17A (HAM), 17B (HAM), 17C (HAM), 17D (HAM) & 17S (HAM)

15.0 Points

A study of the fundamental techniques of calculus, including differentiation and integration for functions of one real variable, with applications to rate problems, graph sketching, areas and volumes.

Equivalent(s): ENGG183

Prerequisite(s): Any one of MATH165, MATH166, MATH102, at least a B grade in CAFS004; or 16 credits of NCEA Level 3 Calculus including at least 11 credits from AS91577, AS91578 and AS91579; or equivalent.

Restriction(s): ENGG184

Internal assessment/examination ratio: 1:1

Note: MATH101-16C (HAM) and 16D (HAM) are available to STAR students only.

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Other available years: Introduction to Calculus - MATH101 (2016) , Introduction to Calculus - MATH101 (2015)

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