Engineering Work Placement 1 - ENGG371 (2017)

ENGG371 - 17C (HAM)

0.0 Points

The first Work Placement for the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) degree is typically undertaken during summer at the end of the second year, and involves 400 hours of work experience at an approved engineering organisation relevant to your studies. Placements are facilitated by the Cooperative Education Unit and students are paid seasonal rates during the Work placement. Assessment is based on several assessment activities during the placement, co-ordinator site visits, and evaluation of the work performance. Students are required to have completed ENGG279 before doing this paper.

Equivalent(s): ENGG200

Corequisites(s): ENGG279

Internal assessment/examination ratio: 1:0

Note: This paper is only available for the BE(Hons)

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Available Subjects:   | Chemical and Biological Engineering | Civil Engineering | Electronic Engineering | Environmental Engineering | Materials and Process Engineering | Mechanical Engineering | Software Engineering | Work Placements | Engineering | 

Other available years: Engineering Work Placement 1 - ENGG371 (2016) , Engineering Work Placement 1 - ENGG371 (2015)

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