Social Issues in Aotearoa/New Zealand Education - TEPC220 (2017)

TEPC220 - 17A (HAM), 17A (TGA) & 17C (NET)

20.0 Points

A critical analysis of processes of learning, teaching and education from a variety of historical, philosophical, political and sociological perspectives.

Prerequisite(s): TEHD100 and TEPS122 or TEPS170

Internal assessment/examination ratio: 1:0

Note: The C (NET) offering is available only for students enrolled in the BTchg primary mixed media programme and includes compulsory block periods on campus in Hamilton etc.

Timetabled Lectures for TEPC220

Day StartEndRoomDates
TEPC220-17A (HAM)
Wed10:00 AM11:00 AMELT.G.01Feb 27 - Jun 4
Fri11:00 AM1:00 PML.G.02Feb 27 - Jun 4
TEPC220-17A (TGA)
Tue4:00 PM6:00 PMBOPP.A.03Feb 27 - Jun 4

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Indicative Fees for TEPC220

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Paper Outlines for TEPC220

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Other available years: Social Issues in Aotearoa/New Zealand Education - TEPC220 (2016) , Social Issues in Aotearoa/New Zealand Education - TEPC220 (2015)

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